American Art Collector AD

I just wanted to post my latest ad for American Art collector Magazine. Its a bit different from the last Ad I placed but because I was trying to stay harmonious with the other Daily painter’s Ads who also share the same page, I went with it.   Oh Geeze was that a run on sentence or what?  Give me a break I’m tired.  Most Artists like black and I understand this preference because it creates a great foil for the colors……   If you look at a lot of art web sites and blogs as I do, you ‘ll see black backgrounds  most of the time.  My MAC site has a gun metal grey background and thats very nice.  For me, personally, black with white letters is difficult for me to read at times.   My eye site is getting worse every year.  A fellow daily Artist created the Ad for me in Photo shop and I think she did a great job, you may wish to visit her site as her work is really wonderful or as Zoltan Sazbo used to say ….”Delicious”.  check out her blog.  

On another note…

I was up till 4 am last night getting my October weekend retreat information out to all the participants.  If you live anywhere near NC and would love a wonderful art experience in the mountains of NC, Wild Acres is for you.  I go up there for a few days each year and find the place to be a very relaxing yet invigorating place to spend the weekend.   This year Phil Garrett who is the “Golden” Rep for South Carolina will be demonstrating some of the new products, mediums and of course “open” Acrylics for all of us. We will get the opportunity to try them all out ..  Its great, cause you can see which ones fit your style.  What Artist wouldn’t love that? for full information. The dates are September 26, 27 and 28, 2008.  We still have room for a couple of more folks and the price is fantastic!   After getting on the web site, go to “schedule” and click on the link for that weekend …the sponsor is The Charlotte Art League . 

I’m the Host for the group and will answer any questions you may have.


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