Tall Tulip/ Big Tulip

this is a watercolor on paper  4 by 12 inches $25.00

Before I started this month’s theme I was working on a series of red tulips, you may look back and see   four I painted…. I don’t really have them out of my system so here are a couple of more tulips I painted this week

this is 7 by 7.5 watercolor onpaper


Also …a painting tip… the dark background in Tall Tulip.. is pathalo blue and indigo painted with a 1 inch flat brush  in a random cross hatching manner and sprayed with water before it had time to dry.


4 thoughts on “Tall Tulip/ Big Tulip

  1. Is that how you got those wonderful water blotchy /light fliltering through affects on your koi? I tried sprinking the wet background with curse salt but it dont have the same look. *grabs paints to try*

  2. I almost always use water to get the blotchy effect that is in the taller tulip background. You paint the background and while it is still a bit wet… you spray water using a fine mister or a small water droplet spray bottler. You can blot to remove lots of color or just allow the droplets to dry for a speckled appearance. If you hate it, you can paint over it by glazing ( use the same color or an analogous color) or paint very wet into wet washes, this also will given even more interesting texture.

    Shanti Marie

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