The public, you gotta love em!

 After painting at the park on Tuesday, I thought I would Re- Post… (is that a word?) this from last year’s experience at a local Paint Out.

  Silly or stupid things people say to you when your painting outdoors, OR  Why most people won’t paint in public – A Painting a day, Beagle Love

#1.  Wow that’s cool, what is it?

#2. You paint?  My (fill in blank here… with) brother, father, mother cousin etc.. paints too, but their really good.

#3   So, how much do you charge for a painting of this size?  That much?   

#4   How long does it usually take you to paint a painting?   (I’m thinking, not as long as when people don’t bother me).

#5 You know what would be good in that painting, (pick one) A deer, a house, a hunter, seashells, fishing pole…Etc.. You get the idea. You can’t believe the suggestions!

#6  I’d love to have a painting like this, but could you change (insert any of these) :color, size,  format, subject matter, or all of the above.

#7 What in the world  are you doing out here?

#8 I paint once in awhile, but I do real paintings, u know, oil?


#9 So, what is this called?  Water-color, yeah we learned to do that in grade school.

#10 Man you’re great, you should have your stuff on QVC.  (my favorite)

#11 The name for this painting should be …___________________ The answer can be anything they dream up, then they act affronted when I don’t readily agree.  

#12 Are you an Artist or do you just paint? ( I would hope the work speaks for itself)


And these were sent to me by other artists who have experienced the same thing.


#13. Do you paint walls too?  I need someone to paint my bathroom.

#14. Can you teach my son to paint?  He’s only five but very mature for his age.

#15  Can you paint  a painting of my my dead grandfather? I don’t have any photos of him.


I put these comments on my blog just for fun; don’t ever let people influence you not to paint. If you have any of your own silly statements, send them in as comments, I’ll be glad to post them.


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