Lake Wylie Mist

Its 3:50 AM and I just finished my daily painting but its too shiny to photograph ( oil) so I’ll  post this lovely picture of Lake Wylie.   In the morning the painting should lose some of the shine and I’ll post it ASAP.

  This month the daily painters are participating in a celebration of the earth and will be posting various ways to help to conserve our natural wonders.  My theme for August to go along with the beautiful earth theme is Water. You can expect to see a lot of lake paintings, koi paintings, sea and beach paintings and of course various subjects that live in or near water.  I  also plan to paint some small paintings of Lake Wylie as well as some paintings of local waterfowl and flora.  It should be an interesting month.  Of course I also have to complete a few paintings which is a Fairey  painting, and I have yet to produce the elusive red tulip with gold center ..   So…please check back with me to see what I’m up to.


Good night and see ya all tomorrow.


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