Lavender Skys

This little watercolor on paper, 3″ by 5″ card is a bit out of focus but it’s for sale for $15.00

I love these colors and like to use them together because the mixture is very rich.  The colors are Quin Gold and purple.    


I have painted a daily painting for two years and now I think I will paint less paintings but paint more complex things which will take more than one painting session.  So if you see less paintings in the future just know that I want you to keep checking in with me because I see some dramatic paintings in my future.  They may take me two days or even three but I’m hoping what I’ve learned from my daily painting experience will transcend to the longer painting sessions and allow me to grow as an artist.

H2o Tribute to this Beautiful Earth

8 by 10 watercolor and Gesso on masonite.   $ 75.00

I haven’t been to the beach in several years and if given the opportunity I would go to the mountains before I would go to the beach, yet when I do travel to the coast, I’m always in awe of the mighty ocean.

Its been a long day and I think I’ll hit the hay.  This morning when I woke up there was a stuffed rabbit laying on the pillow next to my head.  I know my dog, Glock left this present for me because he loves stuffed animals and makes sure I have at least one to sleep with.

“A koi or two ” A Tribute to the Earth

This painting is a watercolor on paper , the size is, 15 by 7.5

It sells for $100.00 and would look great in a location where you need a painting that is longer then it is wide.  It rained five inches since yesterday,  wow, and I was told thats more  rain in 24 hours then the rest of the year so far.   I’m so glad because we really needed it!

Pretty girl has Cancer

This pretty girl has lymphoma and will have to be put to sleep this week.  Her owner has asked me to paint her portrait and I visited with them for a short time yesterday.  I took this photo of her as a reference.  I also looked at several pictures of her when she was feeling a bit better. 

I hope I’ll be able to capture her spirit as she is a gentle and sweet dog.

Twin Falls companion painting to tiny falls


watercolor on paper,  the size is 10 inches by 12 inches  $100.00  This painting would look great framed side by side with yesterday’s painting. 

I have two commissions this week and when I put some updates on my painting a week blog, I’ll let you know.  You can check the step by step process.

Lake Wylie Fishermen’s Hammock


While walking my dogs I came across this fisher men’s hammock.   Basically its just a rope tied to two trees so you can sit on the bank and fish.  The seat is made by placing small branches thru the ropes and weaving them so they stay in place.   Of course I had to sit in it and it was actually pretty comfy.  This hammock stayed up for over a year an a half and one day when I went by this secluded fishing spot, I was sad to see it was gone.  Of course it was probably taken by the same person who left a big mess all over the ground nearby of beer cans, tackle remnants, bait cartons and cigarette butts.  Geeze people… don’t litter the lake,  I just hate that!  Take a trash bag and carry it back out!

I think it would be fun to try to make one of these… Mine would probably drop you on your rear end!

Tribute to this beautiful Earth, Young girl

Graphite on paper, this drawing was done from a live model   size 11 by 14  $75.00

I host a life drawing session every Saturday at 8:30 to 10:30  am in Charlotte NC at the Charlotte Art League. Its a drop in and I would love to see some of you there. The cost is ten dollars per person. Drawing is the most basic of fundamentals and can really help you to see and as an Artist there isn’t a better way to advance your skills.


Your water saving tip for today?  How about get your toilets and faucets repaired.  If they drip or run its wasting thousands of gallons per year.

Baby Lizard camps out in Plant

This baby lizard had me thinking he was changing colors but all along I had two babies living in my Hibiscus.  One was brown & the other green.  I finally saw them at the same time and figured out why the little critter  seemed so hungry.    I put that little flower bud in the plant for him because there were avids and ants on the bud and I thought I could watch him eat. I watched him for a few moments and out pops his cousin.  Its great having a yard with so many critters.  I never spray any pesticides because I don’t want to kill off any of the good bugs.  Or in this case… baby lizards.

Dawn at Lake Wylie

This little cove I’ve named Dog Island because its where I take my dogs.   After we get there, we all take a few moments to enjoy the peace and serenity that is the lake in the morning.  Of course a squirrel or something gets Missy’s attention and the other two labs follow her for a run thru the woods while I sit on the bank and watch the sunrise or an occasional fishermen in his bass boat.  You have to walk across some pretty tough terrain to get there but as you can see its well worth it.   The water is a bit low and in the morning when the sun shines thru the dark trees, & the mist rises off the lake, the water’s reflections are mystical.

Don’t forget to save water… How about this?  When you fill your tub for a bath, put the stopper in immediately and turn it to hot, then after it gets going adjust the temp. This will save the water you usually allow to run down the drain while waiting for the correct temp.