Dolphin Daze


6 by 10 $ 75.00 watercolor on paper.

I used to teach watercolor classes and Dolphins were a favorite subject of my students. Dolphins always seem so happy. They convey a sweetness and a wonderful spark of energy which is genuinely curious.
Next month I’m going to be doing a series of paintings which are related to the Earth and specifically water.  Be prepared to see some lake paintings because Lake Wylie is a great subject but I may do some under water paintings too. I’ve been working them up in my mind.  Usually I’ll walk the dogs several times per day and while on these walks I allow my mind to develop paintings. I see mist rolling across the water in the early morning light with fishermen standing in their Bass boats, also another painting of White Egrets and Heron standing at the waters edge or just taking off from the water.  Of course my beloved Koi looking up thru the water to the surface, and  then there is always colorful sailboats and  wonderful sunsets.  I look forward to my month of water paintings, and I hope this month of painting water will remind you how precious each dop of rain and every inch of water is to  us and our planet.


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