Baby lizard

You may not be able to tell but this lizard is only about 1.5 inches long.   I saw his mommy quite a bit last year ( her tail was missing) and she laid eggs in this big flower pot. I took one over to my brother’s house cause he has a gecko and he put it in his tank with a warming light… but he says nothing ever happened with the egg… no baby lizard.  The one I left in the pot must of hatched cause here he is trying to eat these aphids I brought over to him.   I don’t know if they eat aphids but he was interested.  

I hope the birds don’t get him, he is camouflaged pretty good cause when he scampered on to the wall he turned brown.


One thought on “Baby lizard

  1. oh hello i have a baby lizard i caught under a rock then i put in my hands then went home to show my parents then i put it a pink cage… when i left it i saw my finger bleeding… my mom said maybe the little baby lizard bit me but i couldnt im asking you do you think its my baby lizard o by the i was bouncing up and down when i got the lizard.well it was nice talking to you by the way when you find out what food lizards eat tell me. heres one tip they sometimes eat worms and crickets..bye

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