Koi for Matisse

koi matisse2
Here is a photo of my daily painting on one of my easels, j so you can see the scale of these 8 by 10 canvas panels. Sometimes when I see them on the computer screen they look pretty big.
                                      watercolor on a canvas panel,  $75.00

Lake Wylie Dreams

Lake wylie5

8 by 10 $75.00 Acrylic on wood


I really had the urge to paint tonight, I guess this is a feeling that most painters feel.  The need to create.  Its like an addiction.   Its almost midnight so I’ll say ….

Good night all.


P.S.  there is a BIG storm outside at the moment.  I love the rain,,, thunder, not so much.

Little butterfly and milk pitcher

 6.5 by 8.5 $75.00  This small painting is for sale for $75 dollars & Its ready to frame since its double matted.

 This butterfly doily and milk pitcher is after Arlea Pech…. She taught me how to paint realistic still lifes.   I love her work and will always enjoy seeing what she comes up with next.   Of course, its not for me.   I have learned to paint in this manner but  I learned something even more important…it isn’t my style.  When you first start to paint, you’re really hunting and searching for your own voice. you take classes from all types of instructors.  Your learning their techniques and their approach.   You’ll keep some of the techniques and you’ll also be throwing out some of it.  From all of these great teachers you are learning to find your way toward your own style.

Over the years I have always loved exaggerated color, I ‘ve always been drawn to paintings with great contrast.  This contrast may be in color, value or  color temperature.  I guess I like opposites! After painting hundreds of paintings, I think I ‘ve found my true voice.   I like a more impressionistic style which allows me the freedom to change things and to paint loosely with a little more imagination.  I love painting from my own mind’s eye.  Allowing the painting to tell me what it needs and accepting assistance from my creative muse.   Its isn’t what everyone does and that’s really OK.  I also allow myself to paint in a style that is reflective of my personality.



8 by 10 75.00 A watercolor on paper

I think these photos just don’t turn out at night as well as those taken in outdoor light.   This painting is much more delicate than this photo shows.  I think its the flash. 

It is 11:54  PM and I’ve just finished this painting and hurried to get it on line before midnight.  I’ve really been having a difficult time getting all these commissions finished.   I had three  this week, and two of them were larger paintings, I’m still working on them, I’ll try to post them later this week if I can.

Barb’s Tulips


Ok let’s  see if this is the one, I made sure to measure the painted portion of the piece so that it would end up being 8 by 10.  The  actual painting is larger but since its just white, the buyer has the option  of framing it small or bigger.

This painting is a bit more whimsical.  It appears to me that the one tulip in the middle is being held on to by the two smaller tulips.

I guess I’ll hit the hay… its 1:57 am and I have to take the dogs to get their teeth cleaned at 7:00 am.

A painting a day “Tulips ll”

This is 9 by 12  $75.00 and I didn’t think about it till I was finished but this is almost too big.   See, I always uses  Arches  paper which is smaller than Frabriano Artistco paper and when I make these small paintings I cut the paper in half.  Not thinking I did this, painted the painting and when I went to measure it, I realized it was too big.  opps.. Well I’ll paint another tomorrow not exactly like this but some tulips.   I’m using my new paints and I think this red is a touch brighter than the other red.

Dolphin Daze


6 by 10 $ 75.00 watercolor on paper.

I used to teach watercolor classes and Dolphins were a favorite subject of my students. Dolphins always seem so happy. They convey a sweetness and a wonderful spark of energy which is genuinely curious.
Next month I’m going to be doing a series of paintings which are related to the Earth and specifically water.  Be prepared to see some lake paintings because Lake Wylie is a great subject but I may do some under water paintings too. I’ve been working them up in my mind.  Usually I’ll walk the dogs several times per day and while on these walks I allow my mind to develop paintings. I see mist rolling across the water in the early morning light with fishermen standing in their Bass boats, also another painting of White Egrets and Heron standing at the waters edge or just taking off from the water.  Of course my beloved Koi looking up thru the water to the surface, and  then there is always colorful sailboats and  wonderful sunsets.  I look forward to my month of water paintings, and I hope this month of painting water will remind you how precious each dop of rain and every inch of water is to  us and our planet.

Nude Mary

nude mary

9 by 12 graphite on paper

This sketch was from my life drawing class last Saturday.   Its a twenty minute sitting so you have to really work fast and try to get the big shapes blocked in, then go back over refining and putting in the shadows and deeper values.  It really trains your eye to see quickly the shape and form of things.  I encourage you to attend one of these sessions in your city. Usually the art groups will have one or the colleges will know who is having a life drawing session.  Even if your not interested in figures, you may really enjoy drawing from a model.

not a painting… but my new fish tank


I think I had mentioned my husband buying me a small fish tank and some fish last week.  I wanted to let you see how it looks.  Its called the “Nano Cube “and it can either hold salt water or fresh water fish.   These are fresh water and already one of the fish had babies.  I gave away about twenty of them and I think I still have about 10 or 15. Their hard to count cause they move around and their very small.  I have them in a small little separate tank inside the bigger one.   Maybe when you can actually see them I’ll post a photo of them. I think their called platties.