Monet’s tribute, cool waters


Acrylic on wood , 8″ by 10 ” $75.00, Cool Waters was painted as part of  my tribute to Monet series. 

It didn’t photograph well and there is a bit of glare on the photo.   I painted two of these today, you’ll have to come back tomorrow to see the other one. Their both in blue.


I’m writing the “Ten commandments  for the daily painter”… If you have any ideas, send  them to me as an email


A day like no other lll

11 by 15 watercolor on paper $175.00

Don’t laugh but I have painted this painting three times. I’m not sure why I find it intriguing but I do. Now don’t get me wrong I have changed a few things each time and they are all a bit different yet very much a like. Perhaps its like having the same dream, you don’t know why that happens either.. but it does.  I love these colors and the idea of the path and the trees…



Watercolor on paper, 11 by 15 $150.00

 Bachelor’s Buttons, a Wood Pecker and an old stump.

This piece was inspired by the wood peckers that come to my house to eat suet.   I assume this bird is a he, its a beautiful bird with a touch of red on his head.  He is very comical, he walks up and down the tree trunk, I guess looking for bugs or whatever and when I come outside he just walks around to the other side of the tree. 

Abstract in red

abstract 11 by 14 watercolor on paper 75.00

Last night I painted three little cherries and I painted them and I painted them again and again… never quite getting the look I wanted, I painted them so much they looked overworked and tired. So I put them to bed and today I am posting this abstract in their place.  Sometimes a small little thing can get the best of you. I ‘ve painted lots of Cherries, I know their image, have it right there in my minds eye, I can see their color, shape, highlights and pretty much can paint them in my sleep. Why? why? why is it that even though you can paint something over and over again at a drop of a hat… at times you can’t. Guess it was just one of those days. I did paint a bit on my larger Koi painting which you might check into.. http://  Its coming along and only needs some final tweaking.

Kitty, Kitty in South Carolina


5″ by 7″ $50.00 watercolor on Gessoed paper.

This cat seems to be saying  ” let me take a better look” or maybe its the lady bug who’s doing the talking.

I have a black and white cat and she’s not only very cute, but does a lot of funny things.  She has a smudge right on the tip of one side of her nose and sometimes she can look rather comical just sitting there.   She only weighs nine pounds but her name is Chubbs.  It’s the really long hair that makes her look so big.   I had planned to paint something else but like many days this is just what wanted to be painted.  I was drawing and there it was… the first few lines looked like a cat and I went with it.   In fact sometimes just a line or a curve of a line will look like something to me and whatever it was I was planning to draw is thrown out for the object which I see in that line and is appearing before me.

Sun, sand and the beach

birds at the beach

Watercolor on professional grade watercolor paper.  Matted in white $150.00 7″ by 20″
Lots of talk these days of making a trek to the beach, looking for beach houses and places to go. Of course we have to take the dogs too. The dogs are all very well behaved and don’t ruin things or pee indoors, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Of course Art my husband won’t go, just me and the girls with the dogs. Hopefully we can find a house right on the beach and the beach is as deserted as this painting. The plan isn’t to go until October so I have plenty of time to find just the right place. Maybe Pauly’s island, or Edisto…. Any suggestions, I don’t really want to drive more than three hours or four at the most from Charlotte NC.