Abstract in red

abstract 11 by 14 watercolor on paper 75.00

Last night I painted three little cherries and I painted them and I painted them again and again… never quite getting the look I wanted, I painted them so much they looked overworked and tired. So I put them to bed and today I am posting this abstract in their place.  Sometimes a small little thing can get the best of you. I ‘ve painted lots of Cherries, I know their image, have it right there in my minds eye, I can see their color, shape, highlights and pretty much can paint them in my sleep. Why? why? why is it that even though you can paint something over and over again at a drop of a hat… at times you can’t. Guess it was just one of those days. I did paint a bit on my larger Koi painting which you might check into.. http:// h20color.wordpress.com  Its coming along and only needs some final tweaking.


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