Monet tribute in red

Acrylic on panel 7 by 10 $75.00 plus 5.5 for shipping and handling

This colorful painting is part of my fantasy series which includes some water paintings.  The red in this painting isn’t showing as well as it should. The light area in the middle upper area is actually red but it’s reflecting the light and looks like light or white.  In the morning I’ll take another photo in the daylight so there won’t be any glare bouncing off the painting.  It really has a lot of texture and is actually impasto in many places. 

Oh and I forgot to mention I bought some baby Koi.  I’ve had them for a few weeks but didn’t want to post anything about them in case they didn’t make it. Real confident huh? I’ve had lots of fish 
(including salt water) in the past but never Koi.  I want to post some pics of my little koi, their adorable, I know Koi can’t be adorable but these guys really are cute.  Their pretty small but very active and have lots of personality.  I haven’t named them yet, we’re still in the salad days of our relationship.  We’ll see how it goes.  I had to put some ice in their water today ( the ice was in plastic bags)  it was nearly 93 degrees F.  The water was over 85 degrees F.  Koi can live in very hot water but I’ve been known to baby my pets.  
Check back with me and see the little guys. 




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