Flowing Waters

watercolor on gessoed masonite. 5.9 by 5.9 $40.00

The weather was perfect today, I walked the dogs and got started with the emails, phone calls and the books only to find most people decided to take today off.  I tried to get things completed but it seems like everyone was either out of the office or already heads in the clouds and thinking about the upcoming long three day weekend.  So, I decided why push it… I went out purchased some sandals had my hair done and bought a few plants for my front yard.  Getting back to painting, I painted this little painting with the thought that the water was passing over the fish. I didn’t have a model so I had to use my imagination.  After I was finished I felt it was a bit too detailed and pulled some of the color off the piece and now I like it better.   I’ve been using a different camera for the last few days and I have to get back in the swing of things cause I was fumbling around.  Its funny how something is second nature when you use it everyday.  This camera is my older camera and this photo is a bit fuzzy.  I use a tripod most of the time but since I took this photo late (after dark) and in the house I was too lazy to go out to the back deck to collect my tripod.  So I  hand held the camera and with close ups you have to have steady hands.  So if you want to take a better look at this I’ll be glad to send you a better shot. 



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