Koi love


8 by 8 Transparent watercolor on 300 lb watercolor paper. $50.00

Folks I’m rising my prices starting next month June 1st 2008, but I will leave all of my old paintings at the lower prices. I will also still sell ACEOs for the same price. I hate to do it but everything is going up for me. Yesterday I purchased over $300.00 worth of supplies, mostly paper but I still need paint and some of my mixed media brushes are getting frayed. Since I only buy the best paints and paper I can’t save much money. I buy during sales and in bulk but its really amazing how much the supplies cost. The Art league in Charlotte NC charges me to sell my work there. It’s 30%. Most Galleries I have shown in  get 50% so thats why I have stopped showing in Galleries except for once a year. I also have to pay for membership into several professional art organization each year at about $75.00 each. I have kept my prices very low but it leaves very little for me at the end of the month. I love what I do and I would do it for free if someone paid for all of my art supplies but that isn’t going to happen.
My prices are the lowest on the daily painter’s page and its time to raise them just a bit.
My comission prices will stay the same for now.

Update about Art’s mom, she is at home now and Hospice is coming out to help Art’s father. Art has been helping a bit. Art’s sisters have really been angels and have done everything to make her confortable. It seems she is hanging in there but she had a prettty bad stroke and she is very ill.

Love survives death and that is the most important thing to remember.


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