Calico Cat Standing by a Wisteria Vine

This video is almost ten minutes long. It isn’t sped up and is painted in “real time” It shows the wet into wet techinique needed for fur. This is where you wet the paper first then apply the color leting it float onto the paper, guiding it to create form.

You don’t have to use a chinese paint brush you can use a number 6 up to a # 9 round and get the same effects. Rice paper is used here but regular watercolor paper also works great, use a bit more water with watercolor paper. Isn’t it great… how the artist gives the cat a asian look with the eyes. The slant is exxagerated, you can do this or put them in straight across rather than angleing them up at the edges. If you want a more “fat” western like cat you just think about the body like a bowling pin and that is the shape you need.


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