This 8 by 8 is a watercolor on paper. I’ve cropped it ( in photoshop) for the blog to 6 by 8. $50.00

I’ve always liked the colorful look of chili peppers, the various colors and the way light shines thru their skins.  We used to hang them up to dry and I have some fond memories of chilies hanging by the stove.  My mother would wrap string around them or even sew them together.  Usually we would have too many to eat so the extra would be saved this way and used as needed.  As a child I wouldn’t touch them and even now hot food isn’t my thing.  I like spicy but not hot. I planted some peppers the other day, maybe I’ll use them as my model in about 45 days. 


Golden boy

golden boy

5.75 by 5.75 Watercolor on gessoed masonite $35.00
This painting is a bit darker then this appears.  It was late tonight when I took the picture (inside & under artificial warm lights).  I didn’t finish my painting today till almost 11:00 pm, that’s because I took my friend out for a birthday dinner. By the time I got back, I had to pack up some paintings, get some chores done and take care of business.  I’m glad to have made my midnight deadline!

Perseverance revisited

16 by 20 mixed media on canvas, $350.0

This painting was finished about a week ago but I never really liked the background. So as any good artist will tell you, I couldn’t live with it & I painted it over. 

The background is a little less colorful and has less going on but I feel this showcases the Koi a bit more and doesn’t compete for the viewers attention. Like in any good play there can only be one star, The koi should be the star and the other parts of the painting should be subordinate to it.  

Monet in green – Tribute to Monet

7 by 10 $70.00 Acrylic on gessoed masonite.


No koi in these folks… sorry.

This is from the tribute to “Monet” pond series.  I’ve painted a blue one, a lavender and now a green one. I added a little brown to off set all that green. I think the contrast is nice.  Contrast is my favorite element of art.  I like opposites I guess.

  It was a beautiful day here in South Carolina, the lake was full of boaters.  I would venture to guess not nearly as many as in previous years, perhaps the high cost of gas is hurting some folks and they decided to just  have a cook out and bar be que some dogs or burgers out in the back yard.   I was invited to canoe down the Catawba River but decided to work in my yard. Usually I just have to put in a few days and its good all year.  So far Its coming along.   I’ll take some more photos of it so you can see how things are growing.   I fell asleep for a few minutes out on the back deck this afternoon.  The sound of water bubbling and the birds, it was really calm.  I repotted the plants I bought yesterday and fed all my plants.   My dogs thought it was too hot so I sent them in the house.  They love the good ole AC.  Who doesn’t!  I’m going to work on my larger project tonight its coming along too.  I’ll post it’s progress in about an hour.  I worked on it till 11 pm last night and would have worked on it longer but everyone wanted to go to bed.  


you can see my wip (work in progress) at


“Looking In” Ancient Ritual series #127

Five inches by five inches acrylic on illustration board.  $35.00

This is matted in a white mat and looks great!

This little painting is an abstract and is part of the ancient ritual series.  This series if you don’t know and aren’t a regular visitor, is basically about how we mark the passing of time and the events in our lives with ritual.  I thought I was finished with this series but every now and then another one just appears on my easel. Like magic.    


I had a wonderful day today, it started out with me getting up at the crack of dawn to go into Charlotte NC for a life drawing session.  The session went very well and I hung around the gallery talking to the host thinking that perhaps a customer may come in to view and possibly buy one of my larger works.   That didn’t materialized.  Just down the street from the Art league is a small farmer’s market so I walked down there and wouldn’t you know it, a sudden squall came up and luckily they had tents, so I walked thru the tables of flowers and cakes, vegetables and of course fruit.  I bought some organic lettuce and some other vegetables, talked a bit, the usual “wow isn’t this weather crazy?” and  just like always the storm blew over almost as fast as it came in and it was only sprinkling as I walked back to my car.   

Flowing Waters

watercolor on gessoed masonite. 5.9 by 5.9 $40.00

The weather was perfect today, I walked the dogs and got started with the emails, phone calls and the books only to find most people decided to take today off.  I tried to get things completed but it seems like everyone was either out of the office or already heads in the clouds and thinking about the upcoming long three day weekend.  So, I decided why push it… I went out purchased some sandals had my hair done and bought a few plants for my front yard.  Getting back to painting, I painted this little painting with the thought that the water was passing over the fish. I didn’t have a model so I had to use my imagination.  After I was finished I felt it was a bit too detailed and pulled some of the color off the piece and now I like it better.   I’ve been using a different camera for the last few days and I have to get back in the swing of things cause I was fumbling around.  Its funny how something is second nature when you use it everyday.  This camera is my older camera and this photo is a bit fuzzy.  I use a tripod most of the time but since I took this photo late (after dark) and in the house I was too lazy to go out to the back deck to collect my tripod.  So I  hand held the camera and with close ups you have to have steady hands.  So if you want to take a better look at this I’ll be glad to send you a better shot. 


Blue Waters ACEO Mixed media on paper

Blue waters 15.00 plus S & H

I live in a condo so space is limited. Here I have a metal tub I’ve filled with water and have put in several water lilies and some other plants, water hyacinths and a plant that kind of looks like a caterpillar.

I was planning to draw from a live model today but she didn’t show up. That happens every now an then. I was surprised because I’ve used this model many times and she has always been on time and ready to go. No drawing for now, I guess I need to get with it so I’ll have something to post tomorrow…

Blue on blue sold

7.5 by 7.25  45.00 Acrylic on gessoed masonite.

I need to cut up some more painting panels. I run out of them pretty fast. Usually I buy the masonite myself and have someone cut the wood into different sizes.  Being thrifty I have had them cut by folks who have trouble figuring out how to cut a straight line.   This is why the odd sizes.  For instance this piece was to be 8 by 8 but he, (I’ll keep his name anonymous) kept having to cut another bit off here and there.  I guess I’m lucky I didn’t end up with a 3 by 3. 

This painting is part of my “Monet” series.  I like these blues, and greens with the brown and white.

Its very soothing.

Of course…

I think I’ll paint another with the colors using ( yesterday’s painting) the palette of ancient ritual 126.   


I’ve been thinking about buying an Internet card for my laptop, u know so you can go anywhere not just where they have wifi.   Are they worth the money?  my cell phone is with A T&T so should I buy theirs so I can get a  possible discount for bundling my service plans or should I get a different brand because they work better.  Any ideas on this folks? 

Ancient Ritual 126

This is another in the Ancient Ritual Series.   

7 inches by 8 inches mixed media on gessoed masonite. $ 45.0

We’ve had some pretty intense storms tonight. Lightning and rain, the cable went off for a few minutes and the sky looked like a combination of yellow gold and dark lavender.

 Looking at this painting, I think theses colors would look great for a pond painting.







Ancient Ritual 125

Size 7 by 8 inches mixed media on gessoed masonite 45.00

This painting is part of my ancient ritual series. It’s an abstract series exploring the use of ritual to mark the passing of time and the events in our lives.  With the events in my life these past weeks, I would venture to guess this piece is in response to those feelings.



Perserverance 08


11 by 14 Acrylic impasto on Canvas panel $150.00
This painting is done impasto which refers to the thickness of the paint. Its very thick and can give the look of oil without using oil paints.  I combined  a golden gel medium with the acrylic paint to increase the body of the paint.  It tends to paint like whip creme, which is a little hard to control but is very smooth.  Also ,it gives the paint a slight gloss which is similar to oil paint.

Artist Tip:

When using these gels its best to use a pallet knife and mix the paint into the gel uniformly because if not mixed well the gel will look translucent white.  Sort of like dried glue, not a look you really want.

Pond plants

lily and water plants

This is my little water feature, I have a few plants, The water lily shown was one I purchased from ebay for $7.00 it has three baby lily pads.  I was so excited because when I received the plant it was just a cutting from the mother plant.  To see the little pads growing under the water and sprouted within a few days, was fun.  The plant seems to be getting healthier each day.  You can see my reflection in the water, also you might be able to see my red gazing ball which is also reflecting back a little.

Ladies SOLD


watercolor on masonite. 75.00 8 by 10

I started this painting a few weeks ago and was stuck at one point so I put it aside. I have a small pile of these paintings where I’m not so sure what to do next.  I don’t throw them out because they usually have potential.  When I started this painting I didn’t have a plan and just wanted to paint an interior with ladies. now, I realized the women on the right has a lot of attitude and I knew I wanted to include a headband and a cigarette.


Its raining here in SC, a gentle rain which makes you want to read books and eat chocolate.