Little Pink

lilliepink727 by 7 45.00 watercolor on board

Here is a big pink waterlily… you know the flower doesn’t actually grow on top of the leaf and when you see them like this they are just coming up separately thru the split in the leaf. Often they will be floating near the actual lily pad or standing up on their tall stems above the water.

They do come in millions of colors. blue, lavender, white, pink, & even green just to name a few. I bought a book about these flowers and even bought one small hardy plant.   I take this research thing a bit far at times.  I’m going to make a small water feature on my back deck and see if I can get it to grow. Two tiny round leaves have already sprouted.


This plant is also the symbol for perseverance very much like the koi or the Phoenix something that comes from the muddy depths and seeks the beauty of the light. Always emerging and surviving.  Not only beautiful but strong what a combination.



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