White on White ll

whiteonwhitell50.00 7 by 7 watercolor on gessoed panel

Obviously this is the companion piece to white on white.

I painted a Koi today and I may keep it around for awhile. So… you may not see it till I’m sick of it. That way it can’t sell. Sometimes an artist likes to keep a painting around just to look at, and with this painting a day blog I never know which ones will sell so if I want to live with a painting for a while I’ve learned not to post it. With my luck the only painting that will sell that week will be the one I want to keep. Go figure. Anyway… Many of you like my florals so I’ll paint a few more. For years I painted flowers and I studied them, photograph them, their shape, the way their petals turn, the light as it passes thru their leaves all that and more.  I don’t usually paint them realistically anymore but on occasion I ‘ll get the old itch to paint some flowers and its usually in the spring.


I hope you enjoy them while they last.


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