Monet’s tribute #2

monet's tribute2
Acrylic on Gessoed Masonite 8 by 8 $50.00

I learned this technique from fellow artist Tim Packer.
This is a new series I’m painting. Basically a pond and some Lilllie’s. I may sneak in a Koi here and there. I will be incorporating my brighter palette …so it will be a la Monet but the colors will be pure Shanti Marie. I hope you check in with me each day to see what I’ve painted, I rarely miss a day (Since August 2006) and if I do I have usually painted a painting but then didn’t have time to post it.   Often, falling asleep fully dressed, paint in my fingernails and at least one lab sleeping at my side. After a long day  of work and scrambling to paint only to miss my posting deadline.  Aghh!  Its all worth it!  I hope you enjoy my blog and thank you for stopping by.  You’ve made it a BIG success with over 600 folks stopping by many days and never fewer than 250 per day.   Usually the weekends are slow with Tuesday and Wednesdays being the busy days.   I also have a twin blog on blogger which covers the same paintings and I usually have over 150 viewers there each day.  I can’t bare to delete one so I continue to post on both sites.


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