Tribute to Monet Sold

tribute to Monet
8 by 10 by 1 acrylic on wood $75.00 Painted sides.

This is my tribute to Monet who love to paint his pond and as you can see I used some of the lavender he loved to use.

When I saw the Monet’s I was very surprised to see the many layers of paint he used. Some of his paintings were at least an inch thick. As an artist I understand this completely. The layering is a meditative process and one that can be difficult to stop once one has started the process. There is a snow painting I looked at for over 30 minutes… its of a village he painted over and over and the white paint is layered with other colors so that you see thru the white and you glimpse the pink, lavender and the blue, it brought me to tears.  The beauty of that painting must be seen in person to truly feel the emotion of the piece.  I may do a series of paintings using some of the impressionistic techniques and colors.  I love water paintings and reflections so check back with me to see more paintings like this one.


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