Golden Koi

golden Koi
6 by 6 watercolor on gessoed masonite $40.00

Today I helped hang a show at the Tega Cay Community Center. The show is a wonderful grouping of paintings from local artists of the Tega Cay Art League. Carena’s coffee shop has closed down so we’ll have to find a new venue for our monthly shows. It’s always difficult for small art groups to find places where there is foot traffic and also a safe place for their paintings to hang.
Artist always have lots of paintings stored and its a shame that these painting have to be under a bed or hidden away in the closet. Most of the time Artists like to sell their paintings but more than that they like to have people see their paintings. They need to be viewed. So I encourage you if you have a business and some decent wall space, allow local artists to utilize the space while giving your customers an interesting view.


One thought on “Golden Koi

  1. You are so right about that. I know how it feels to have paintings under ded or hidden in the closet. I have sometimes exhibitions in local cafe or library. It always make me happy.

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