From one media to the next, one artist’s struggle…

For the last several weeks I’ve been painting with Acrylic  paint…and this is such a change from watercolor for several reasons.  The biggest is…  1.  The thought process.  When painting in watercolor you think in a  way that the values go from light to dark and in acrylics it seems you go from dark to light.  The other thing is the 2. thickness of the paint, In watercolor the paint moves and there is a constant merging of color that takes place.  I’ve learned to use this in my style and it isn’t as easily to achieve in acrylics unless you change the thickness of the paint.  Finally the bigggest thing about the difference is the finished look. # 3. Watercolor drys back a bit lighter but Acrylic paint seem to dry back a bit darker.  This has been a struggle for me as I  already paint with lots of  pure pigment and like the dark values in watercolor.  I’m slightly disappointed in the darker values in the acrylic paintings.  They seem a bit flat and not so complex in their nature.  I like to see a lot of variation in the value especially in the darks and what I see is just flat dark color, the nuances are not there.  I’ ll experiment with this a bit more and see how I can adjust my painting to get that variation that give my work its voice.


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