18 by 18 Perseverance ll

This is a 18 by 18 acrylic on panel. 350.00  This photo isn’t very good there is a light glare on the upper left hand corner.  I had to take the photo under a light. 
Its raining here today so I guess its good that  I got outside yesterday and cleaned up my front porch. It s also a bit cooler and I don’t really like cold weather so I’m drinking really hot tea, (Peppermint). I’m also watching “The rest of Everest” and I’m really enjoying it. The statues of Buddha and all the other statues are very inspiring. I love the way they dress the statues up with silks and paint their skin different colors like bright red and blue. I watch it on my computer as I do books or other computer work but late at night I sometimes watch it on my ipod. Its free to subscribe and is listed in Itunes if you would like to check it out. 

Start with episode 90 thats the first one and you can see the crew from the beginning.


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