Evening Pond

This painting is on gessoed masonite and is 6 inches by 6 inches.  $40.00
The koi are painted in watercolor.
The temperature today was very warm, about 80 degrees and I took the opportunity to clean my back porch and potted some flowers, oh yeah and some seeds.
I threw away two BIG garbage bags of trash, junk that was sitting outside all winter and stuff that just didn’t hold up to the weather. It all needed to be thrown away. Lots of dog toys, leaves and and old broken crockery. It looks better and now I just have to dig up the dirt and re pot the rest of the pots so this summer we have a whole summer of flowering plants. I planted two really large elephant ears, I love their tropical look and usually plant one or two each year. I also planted morning glories and hollyhocks which are both some of my favorite flowers.
I really wanted to get back to my larger paintings, I’m painting several commissions right now and I would like to get them finished because I’d like to paint something for myself. When I’m really working hard outside I do enjoy it but I am thinking of my painting the whole time and what it needs and when I get back to it, what I’ll change. I think most artist do this. Often I’ll dream about a painting and this drives me to get it finished. It ‘s like reading a good book and you can’t wait to get back to it to see how it ends!

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