Little bit Koi painted in watercolor on textured clayboard

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Textured clayboard. 6 by 6 watercolor sealed with spray fixative.  No need to frame under glass.  $40.00

Yesterday I was ready to start tackling the yard and cleaning up my deck, today when I woke up it was raining and 49 degrees. It will have to wait.

It isn’t everyday you get to visit with friends and so I should be happy because I see friends for a few hours each Thursday. The tega Cay Art League was started by me and two good friends, Nance Presson and Martha Mannco. There are 15 local artists in the group and we meet down by the marina in Tega Cay. We get together each Thursday to go over all the current events, share news of awards and shows, exchange books, new ideas, mediums or paints. If any of us hears of an opportunity we share it so all of us can take advantage of it. I was so proud of our little group when I learned that three of us have paintings in the Charlotte Art League show. ( its tonight) It can be difficult to get into the show and it gives me a certain amount of pride to know our group is such a power house. Although I thought at least one more person should have at least gotten into the show who’s work was declined, I feel its based on prejudice. That’s the way these shows work. Quality of work or level of difficulty seems to run a distant third behind creativity, and the judges personal preferences. Of course I can’t say I don’t agree with that. Expertise in technique is important, I just can’t say its should be the most important in judging shows. Otherwise your shows would be filled with excellent draftsmen and very few abstracts. Its true everyone has prejudices and preferences. I know that I have preferences when it comes to art and when I see certain combinations of colors or textures I’m more apt to like the work. How can a judge not choose what he or she personally likes. This can be difficult for the artist because they don’t know what to enter, should I choose figures, or still life, abstract or realistic work. People say pick you best work. Its like picking your best child, they all have their strengths, which will be appreciated for their strengths?

I know that I have discussed this many times because this judging thing is hard for us artists who wear our hearts on our sleeves and allow ourselves to be judged.

My Husband who is a master shooters says its not like his shooting competitions where you hit the bulls-eye or you don’t, there the judging is simple, no one can deny if your the best or the worst.


One thought on “Little bit Koi painted in watercolor on textured clayboard

  1. Good morning, Thank you for posting your articles about using innovative methods with watercolor. I’ve been a painter for more than 3 decades, using acrylic and oil and with those different mediums, also exploring mixed media. Recently, my daughter gave me a case filled with watercolor paints, which I will begin using today; however, I want to work layer on layer and stabilize the paint in between – simply because I don’t have watercolor skills and certainly understand the techniques missing in my skills.
    I found your site by searching Google with fixative and watercolor. Your work gives me courage to explore! Thanks again, Viktorya

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