Koi Curiosity Watercolor on Gessoed Masonite

koiredandbrown.jpg5.75 by 5.75

 Watercolor on gessoed masonite  $38.00, This piece is sealed so it may be framed without glass. I gessoed this and made the texture sort of go in a vertical pattern .   I painted it Brown and Red and a Wine color.  Then I pulled out the fish and painted their local color back into the spaces.  I sprinkled water on the surface and pulled a towel across the surface which gave it a little bit of texture.

 This isn’t 6 by 6 because my brother was cutting these boards for me and when this one went thru… I guess it got stuck and he had to recut it so the edge wouldn’t have a gouge.    This artist thing isn’t as simple as painting a picture, there’s lots of prep work.  I can see why artists had apprentices. I usually get my brother to do the cutting and sometimes he does the gesso work too.   

Its been a busy day, I did books or about 5 or 6 hours and then  I’ve been out cleaning the yard. Its spring and the trees look great with their new buds.  I don’t have any excuse ( I hate cold weather) ,  Now that its warm, I have to get my porch cleaned off and my pots washed, you know the routine.   I have a wood deck so I’ll pressure wash it and clean up my Terra-cotta pots, buy some potting soil for my flowers and work in my beds.  I bought some seeds & I want to get them started so this summer I’ll have some flowers.  It may take me a week cause I also have to clean up my brother’s place.    I store stuff over there,  he only lives across the street, boy, it seems like I need to get rid of some junk.  I give the stuff to goodwill,  of course, my accountant says I should get receipts for my goodwill donations but I never do.  I guess I’ll take some things over and get one, if only just to make him happy.  


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