Dreamy Koi


6″ by 6 on clayboard  go to  www.dailypainters.comfor pay pal information.

I was sitting in my car while I was waiting for my husband to pick up some dog food from the grocery store. While staring out the window of the car, I saw an old man walk slowly and rather gimpy into the store and for some reason he peaked my interest so I continue to watch him as he went inside. I could see him near the entrance and as easily as you or I pulling out a shopping cart he grabbed some stuff off of the shelves near the door and walked back out.  I was so shocked I just sat there and stared at him.  He sauntered back thru the parking lot walking back the way he came. I kept looking back at the store to see if anyone was coming after him, no one ever did. When my husband got in the car minutes later I told him everything I saw and he casually said lots of old people steal, it common knowledge. They just claim their can’t remember stuff and are confused, people feel sorry for them and let them go.


One thought on “Dreamy Koi

  1. Alot of old people do steal… but most older folks don’t steal.

    Alot of older and younger folks that are caught stealing pay a price for it… this fellow who stole is a common thief and thats the only thing common about him. He found a store that doesn’t have good security and is working it!
    No store owner feels sorry about anyone stealing from them… sorry I don’t buy that!

    Love your painting… can you please tell me what Clayboard is?

    thank you!

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