Koi Gossip wc on clayboard


8 by 10 75.00

The colors I used here are: Skips green (Cheaps Joes)  cobalt blue,  Halloween orange (cheap Joes) lemon yellow WN. This is on clayboard which I guess they are now calling Aqua board, its an ampersand product. Basically its a Clay like product sprayed onto Masonite. It comes in smooth and textured. The surface is not like paper and the paint is not absorbed into the surface but sits on top. For this you have to remember not to add too much water since it has to evaporate. This is the textured, it tends to break up the color a bit more than smooth.

This product takes watercolor, ink, acrylic and most mediums, it can be varnished or sprayed with fixative if you would want to hang it without glass.
I usually paint on this product for customers who like oil or acrylic paintings or if they do not like to hang their art under glass. Its a good fit.


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