work in progress Koi? maybe

Acrylic on wood.

I painted this wood block in acrylic and sparyed it with water. Now I’ll let it sit and allow it to dry.
Check back with me to see what it turns out to be.



Dreamy Koi


6″ by 6 on clayboard  go to  www.dailypainters.comfor pay pal information.

I was sitting in my car while I was waiting for my husband to pick up some dog food from the grocery store. While staring out the window of the car, I saw an old man walk slowly and rather gimpy into the store and for some reason he peaked my interest so I continue to watch him as he went inside. I could see him near the entrance and as easily as you or I pulling out a shopping cart he grabbed some stuff off of the shelves near the door and walked back out.  I was so shocked I just sat there and stared at him.  He sauntered back thru the parking lot walking back the way he came. I kept looking back at the store to see if anyone was coming after him, no one ever did. When my husband got in the car minutes later I told him everything I saw and he casually said lots of old people steal, it common knowledge. They just claim their can’t remember stuff and are confused, people feel sorry for them and let them go.

Koi Solo


This is on gessoed Masonite, (watercolor) Its for sale for 40.00
go to for pay-pal button
Turned in my painting today for the “spring into Art” art show at the Charlotte Art League, lets hope it gets into the show. Since these things are subjective, its hard to know what will get in and what won’t. Sometimes I select the wrong piece to enter for the wrong judge. Once when I was helping out with a show I overheard the judge say to his assistant, well, now I have to pick an obligatory nude. True to his word, he only chose one nude to go into the show and it wasn’t one of the two that I entered. You never know…. I also put in a still life which I didn’t think was as good as either of the two nudes and it got in…

Red Koi, green Water


This is painted on smooth clayboard 6″ by 6″ $40.00 In intertested… go to for pay pal check out.

I spent the afternoon prepping boards and getting things ready for my entry into the Spring show. I try to enter several shows a year, because it helps keep my work fresh and I look forward to seeing what everyone has been painting all winter. I’ll post a picture of my painting if it gets in. cross your fingers!

Fast Moving Koi


8 by 8 sold To Marnie in Texas, Thank You

I ‘ve been getting our pool ready by getting the gate repaired, painting the fence and ordering new signs. Any day now people will be calling me because they want to lay out. Unfortunately the water looks like pond water. It isn’t too inviting to look at. Now if it were a Koi pond, I’d be right out there. I don’t lay out any more just because it seems my skin only wants to freckle ….Hey are those age spots? Ya think? Man, a girl can’t get a break.

I’ve been studying sail boats because I want to paint a scooner, if you have any good photos, let me know… I was down at the Marina today ( in Tega Cay) but of course all the sailboats are more like Dingys.

Spring Koi

6 by 6 watercolor on gessoed masonite $40.00 for pay pal link

I wish I knew how to say no. Lately, I’ve had lots of people asking me for things, big and small… like teach a class at the local high school, hang a show in the fall, chair another art group, write a magazine article, loan them some money for beer, mentor college fine art student for thesis project, assist national artist for their workshop in Charlotte, attend grand opening meeting. This are only the requests for the last week or two.

Now, one of these may stick out as a little different than the rest, sure its easy to spot, its the beer money. I guess I look like the type that will not dismiss them and will at least be nice when I say no if I do say no. Of course I have not been able to say no to any of these folks. Not just the person who comes to me for my spare change but all the others. This is why I tend to rush from one thing to the next. So,…..this year is my year to say no. I’m going to try to cherry pick these tasks and figure out which ones I really enjoy and which one are helping others. I do believe in providing service to others and volunteer to several groups now. The problem comes in when one groups hears you do something for free and they want in on it.

Now that I have written this plan down, I hope I can stick to this plan, I’ll still do things for others and yes I’ll still give my change to people who are down on their luck, (no,don’t write me for money, see I’ve already started))but I won’t say yes to everything that is asked of me.

“Koi pals” 8 by 10 watercolor on Gessoed Masonite


I had a bit of a headache last night and even though I had plenty of paintings to post I forgot to post one.
This is one of the Koi I painted last week. Its painted on heavily textured Masonite and it gives the painting a nice effect which looks like moving water.
This morning I went down to the boat ramp with my dogs and the wind was really blowing, I gingerly stepped along the Rip Rap of rock along the water’s edge, trying not to fall into the lake. while the dogs sniffed the rocks I looked out over the water and saw a small sail boat with a brightly colored sail. I’m not much of a sailor but I do enjoy seeing the boats on the water because they have such a great profile.