work in progress

WIP KOIThis is my work in progress, its a koi and it’s a commission.  It will be cut down to about 18 by 33.  You can see I’m standing on a chair because the painting in still wet.  I was feeling a bit pushed this morning and I didn’t paint a small painting today.  Lots of things started out badly when I locked my self out of my condo this morning.   Agghhh, I had to sit with my neighbors till Art came home from work with the keys.   My neighbors are great, its just I hate to waste their time, or be an imposition.   At least the company and the coffee was good.  I felt I had so much to do and this got me a bit out of sorts. When I finally got home, I had 6 calls waiting and needed to take care of some business.  to start with  I have been thinking of canceling our trash pick up contract because things haven’t been going well. I called the trash people who again… did not pick up our garbage, Any way… long story short, I went off on the guy.  This is the second time in a month and the trash is piled high and by tomorrow it will be all over the ground. Guess who isn’t going to clean it up this time.Anyway… I’m going to try to get this piece finished this week. I like it already and I hope it will be exciting, fun and beautiful. check back later to see it completed.


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