Under the falls

Under the falls
24 by 24 $400.00 Acrylic on panel

This painting is one that I started a few weeks ago and wanted to change the small fish on the upper left hand side of the painting. You can go to my painting a week blog to see it as it used to be. http://h20color.wordpress.com

It’s acrylic on masonite and is 24 by 24 ready to be framed. If you would like to buy this painting the price is $400.00 I’ll let it dry tonight and varnish it tomorrow.

I used my daily painting time this afternoon to get this piece finished.

I need to get it moved out of my painting area, it takes up too much space.


One thought on “Under the falls

  1. I have numerous smaller paintings by this artist because she is a superb artist, I love her paintings so very much, and her subject matter is so varied. However, this is definitely her masterpiece, in my opinion, and I would buy it in a minute if I had room for it!

    There is so much enthusiastic life in this painting, with the gorgeous koi frolicking so joyously and exuberantly in the waterfall, that it will be a perfect painting to have in a living room over a fireplace, for example, spreading its happiness to everyone who sees it! The person who buys this painting will never regret it, I am sure of that!

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