Koi Sunday

Sunday Koi12 inches by 7 inches watercolor on paper.Koi and other fish with lovely bright colors.I was sick today with a sinus infection. I’ve been fighting it off all week and it finally got the best of me.I took some zertec but when I’ve taken it before it puts me to sleep, so I took some with the decongestion included… so far it hasn’t put me to sleep. Now I just hope it doesn’t keep me up all night.Thats the problem with drugs you just end up trading one symptom for another.I listened to my Ipod most of the day, I’m hooked on short stories. and subscribe to about twenty podcasts a week. Its a good way to relax and also to get some work done. I do a lot of computer work and it can be very boring. With my ipod, I can sit all day and it doesn’t bother me. My favorite podcasts are … The New Yorker, NPR, WYNC, PRI,Librivox, & bound off. I just finished 1776, ( David McCullough)its not a short story, in fact it is very long… but a great audio book.If you enjoy short stories and know of some pod casts which are free, drop me an email at shantimarie@mac.com I’d love to find some new ( new to me) great stories to listen to for the next week.


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