The sea

The Sea 4 by 6 25.00 I was looking thru a book last night and the book has numerous pictures of oceans and beaches all over the world.   I can say….    I was inspired.   I don’t usually like the ocean as much as most of my friends, I guess you could say I’m more of a Mountain person.   But water itself has always captivated me.   The currants and the movement of water is as beautiful as anything on earth.   This is smooth clay board 4 by 6 and I thought the slick surface would enhance the way the watercolor moves and it would look very natural.    I opted for a very simple wave.  For a daily painting I think its a great subject. 


One thought on “The sea

  1. I totally loved it. two year ago i had a commision for a wave painting and I still remember how I struggled. The shape sems so easy but to be able to give it the kind of dynamic life that you have is very hard indeed. (Unless LOL it only was me finding it hard). Anyway. I just wanted to say that I think you captured the topic very well.

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