No name yet 5 by 5


5 inches by 5 inches $25.00 plus 5.5 for s & h

The weather turned warm last night and as I slept I dreamed of laying on a sandy beach with the sun warming my skin. The longer I lay there the, hotter I became and soon I was swealtering, then ….I woke up and found I was lying under two big blankets and the heater was turned all the way up. Boy, I can ruin even my own best dreams!

This fun little piece isn’t named yet because I couldn’t decide what to call it. I now have this dog series ovbviously started… it wasn’t planed but every few days when I’d start to paint… My Muse takes over… and I guess she likes dogs too. Next thing I know… it s another, dog’s howling at the moon or dog’s watching birds or a sunset or just singing…. So I have to let her play a bit, because she seems to be stopping by more often.

My dog Missy is a black dog with a long body and she was my model for this painting. I’ll put up a photo so you can see her.


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