Koi Games ll watercolor on Gessoed paper

Koi games ll NFS 5.5 by 8 inches

This morning I got up at 4:00 am so I could get everything finished. I’m working on my large painting ( see other blog at http://h20color.wordpress.com) and of course I’m doing my regular daily activities . Anyway, I didn’t paint a small painting today and I decided to put this little painting up for you to see. I painted it a few days ago and I ‘ll be sending this off tomorrow to one of my collectors as a gift. I usually try to give my repeat customers a small gift of a painting or an ACEO every now and then. She purchased a number of my koi in the past and I think this painting will go well with some of her other Koi paintings.

Hope you like it!


Snow Scene watercolor on paper 7″ by 9.75″ $ 50.00

snow driftsThis little snow scene was inspired because I needed something simple and uncomplicated as my painting brain has been in high gear these last few days. I have been visualizing all the fish I need to paint into my large Koi painting. Its sort of like looking at the clouds and seeing objects in them. In this case not only do I have to imagine them, I also have to figure out the color combinations and how to achieve the look without overly painting them. So this takes a lot of concentration and I needed a painting break. These snow paintings are very relaxing and calming.

The Dance

The Dance

5 and 3/4″ by 7 inches, watercolor on gessoed watercolor paper. $35.00 special of the Week.  SOLD

When I was at a recent Koi show, one of the judges explained to me that the females are usually bigger and rounder then the males… who tend to be long and thinner. Both can be beautiful, unlike birds. Sometimes, the female will be more beautiful than the male and both can grow to 30 to 35 pounds if allowed to live in a large pond with good filtration and food.

Silk and Silver watercolor 6″ by 9″ still life

silk & silver6 by 9 50.00  I painted this last year but I decide to post it again because it did not sell.   We get about twice the number of hits these days… so I thought it would be a good painting to display.I wanted to put something up for Daily Painters today and since I was working on my larger piece most of the morning, which I usually do on Sundays, I didn’t get a chance to photograph anything else.  I have some aceos…. finished, but I ‘m too tired to get them out and post them.  Maybe tomorrow.  If you would like to go to see  what I’m up too…my Work In Progress or WIP go to : http://h20color.wordpress.com  this is my painting a week blog. Its 35 inches by 35 inches.

ACEO Ancient Ritual Series #30

Ancient Ritual15.00 2.5 by 3.5 watercolor on paper.  This ACEO is part of a series I started over a year ago about the way in which we as human mark the passage of time and events in our lives with ritual.    I have a commissioned piece which is about 33 inches by 33 inches. I have been working on it all this week, and I want to try to finish it this weekend. If not, I actually have another week. I always give myself at least three weeks to get a painting complete. One week to think about it one week to do the painting and another week to paint another if I’m not satisfied. So far it works for me.I drew value sketches for the piece in about ten different formats, circle, triangle, steelyard, horizontal, vertical ribbon, cruciform, s or z and of course symmetrical. I really like the vertical ribbon but may do a cruciform to one side of the square with a diagonal fish creating movement pointing up to the cross section. I hope this makes sense its hard to describe what I see in my little brain. I finished my” Koi under the falls” but haven’t posted it yet because I may have to rework one of the fish.

Koi inka dink

Koi inka dink $40.00 US 6 by 7 inches

The name of this piece was suggested by a fellow artist and I’m sorry but I can’t remember who. It was during one of those times when I asked for suggestions and I received about twenty names.

This painting is is on Gessoed paper and I like the texture. How I make this texture is by spritzing the watercolor with water and wiping it off with a Kleenex. Where the spots of water fall onto the dry paint.. the kleenex picks up the color.