Watchful Koi


4 by 6 $40.00 watercolor on watercolor paper, mounted on illustration board .
mat finish

 When you watch koi you will frequently see that they are lurking under water liilies or other water plants. Ocassionally looking up to see whats going on outside their watery world. Koi are like people in that they have personalities… some are shy and some are real hams. This little guy is a bit shy and watchful, thus the name for this painting.


One thought on “Watchful Koi

  1. I love fish watching. I have a pond back home in the Philippines where my collection of exotic fishes flourish. Koi’s are with the school of this exotic fishes. It’s so relaxing to watch them swim back and forth, hide and seek.
    I have turtles, too, in my pond.

    Beautiful painting Shanti Marie!

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

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