Koi Circle


$40.0- plus $5.5 shipping   SOLD
This little koi is painted on wood its also has a fixative (satin) covering the surface to give it some water resistance and may be hung without a frame. The sides are painted as well as the front and is 3/4 of an inch thick. It almost looks like a small gallery wrapped painting. This painting can be turned upside down or on its side as it’s basically a circle. I’ll let the viewer decide which way they like the little fish to be swimming.

This will be the first in a series of painting on these Wood panels and I’lll be painting them and exploring ways to utilize this size and shape as well as this new surface. I purchased 10 panels so you will be seeing this format in the next several weeks.

If you would like to know how this watercolor was created on wood here are the basic steps.
1. Paint 3 coats of gesso on to the wood panel allowing each coat to dry between applications. I did not sand the wood between coats because I like the texture. You may sand it down or rather than using a brush you may use a roller if you prefer a very flat surface. But…you may have to use more coats if you apply it thinly. A roller application is usually thinner
2. Using water color (thickly) or if you wish, acrylic paint… just paint the painting the way you usually would any watercolor. I don’t draw my koi first but usually go fishing for them. I paint the background and pull out the fish from the background. Drawing would work very well if you want to draw your fish on the surface. Gesso will take graphite and many other drawing mediums. The beauty of this surface is you can pull the color back out to the bright white of the gessoed surface, its very forgiving. You can also paint gesso over the painting if you feel its a disaster and start over. How great is that?
After the painting is complete, allow to dry and spray a watercolor fixative over the entire area and then allow to dry again.


There are many types of gesso you should either use acrylic gesso or the type made for watercolor, both work very well. The acrylic gesso is much thicker.


One thought on “Koi Circle

  1. If it weren’t the holiday season, I would have bought this painting immediately because I love both koi and circles. To me this koi symbolizes the circle of life, one of humanity’s most powerful symbols.

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