K-9 Starry Night

k-9-starry-night.jpg5 by 7  $30.0

This is a combination of watercolor and acrylic on paper. I like the idea that dogs look at the moon. These two pups are enjoying the evening light and each other.



3 thoughts on “K-9 Starry Night

  1. I think that it’s fun to see what dogs are interested in at night. The artist has given us two fun paintings now to show what they very well might be doing out in the country, where it’s safe to roam. We saw two dogs watching birds fly home to roost and now we have two dogs staring at the moon. I get the feeling that the dogs have a very strong bond of friendship between them and that they highly enjoy their evenings out together. I, too, think that the paintings would look charming in a child’s bedroom. A parent could make up many enjoyable stories about their adventures!

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