Fantasy Blue Heron

fantasy-blue-heron.jpg SOLD

This is not a daily painting but one I started awhile back. I knew I wanted to put a bird into the scene but wasn’t sure what should go into the water.

I’m really influenced by conversations with other people. Like most artists I’ll let things creep into my subconscious they will sit there for awhile but finally I find the images must come out. When I was packing up my paintings for the mail tomorrow, I saw this painting which I had set aside. Sometimes this happens because I’ll start a painting and I just don’t have the right or complete idea to make the painting successful. Then just when I have an idea brewing I’ll pull out one of these “starts” and the image will fit!
Sometimes you just need the right thing to spur on your creativity. Thank you Barbara! I have a good friend, Barbara and she was talking about blue herons and how her bedroom has blue Herons as a theme, I starting seeing Blue Herons everywhere, of course….I do live near a lake. Anyway, this made me want to paint a blue Heron for her as a gift, I painted Lake Wylie blue Heron and sent it to her last week… but for some-reason, that wasn’t enough…I didn’t want this one to be as realistic. I wanted it to be more fantasy. Not knowing what I was to paint tonight… I was looking thru some reference material of Blue herons and came across a pretty good looking bird that I thought I could exaggerate and it would fit right into this fantasy forest painting.  I had painted this painting some time back and never put in the bird or whatever, I wasn’t even sure I would put in a bird. I do love the light and the colors on these types of paintings.  They aren’t for everyone but the use of exaggerated color is something that I like a lot. My daughter Amy also likes these fantasy paintings too. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Fantasy Blue Heron

  1. If anyone else gets this painting, I’ll die!!! The heron is obviously fantancized, but it’s still very recognizable as a great blue heron. I’ve taken the fantasy further, however, and I’ve decided that the heron is a 19th century lawyer and that he’s down at his favorite spot, thinking about a difficult court case. Look at him closely. Doesn’t he look like a 19th century American attorney or a 19th century British barrister in a frock coat? The way that his wings are settled makes it appear to me that he has his wings behind his back, like humans often have their hands behind their backs while deep in thought. He’ll win his case, of course. He always does.

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