“Splashing Koi” ACEO on masonite

splashing-koi.jpg This is a bit out of focus, you can see it better in the middle of the grouping picture. $20.00 1.50 S & H  SOLD


I woke up at 4 am this morning to finish most of these. Some are painted on Watercolor paper some are on Masonite with Gesso…which tends to make them look like an oil painting or possibly an acrylic. All are standard ACEO size 2.5 by 3.5 I painted them this way ( all at once) so I could have some sort of continuity. Although I have to admit this is very difficult for me and I rather not try to paint them too much alike and allow each little painting to dictate what comes next.   I ‘ve had several requests to have them look similar so they can be used in groupings, So…this is my determination: to try to get some painted in the same colors or color family so they coordinate with each other.  We’ll see how I do, I hate to say it, but, I have difficulty in following instructions when it comes to my paintings. I’m too used to painting intuitively and can’t seem to remember to follow a plan too well.

The ACEOs on Masonite are a bit more expensive but they can be framed like an Oil or placed on an easel without fear of damage.


One thought on ““Splashing Koi” ACEO on masonite

  1. As a Shanti Marie collector and a koi lover, I HAD to buy this painting because it goes so perfectly with another painting of hers that I have. In the first painting there are circular ripples because one of the koi is going up and feeding. In this painting there are circular ripples because the koi has just made a sudden dive from the surface and it is swimming downward. In both paintings the koi are pure orange, so it looks like the koi has fed and, with a delightfully full stomach, it is joining its friends. The two paintings will make a wonderful pair, either framed on my wall or in frames on one of my antique tables!

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