What’s for Dinner? Watercolor painting of a calico cat

whats-for-dinner.jpg the size is 15 by 22 and the price is $300.00  Watercolor on paper

It comes in a clear plastic bag and is double matted in white.
I  painted this painting last year and never posted it, I do that a lot.   


One thought on “What’s for Dinner? Watercolor painting of a calico cat

  1. Shanti Marie

    Another beautiful piece from your collection. The cat is so alive it comes out of the picture.

    I never tried using the watercolor since I shifted to oil paint. But I started with watercolor years back when I was just starting to train my hands, and back in college when I used to join on-the-spot painting contests. You see, I really don’t have formal art eduaction. I’m a Nurse by profession but my passion has always been poetry, writing and the arts, so I’m a self taught in these areas. I think what motivates me to keep on doing them is my natural love and I feel like they are what I am here in this world to do.

    For your requested links:

    WordPress : Jeques’s Web Nook:




    It is great to meet people like you who share my passion. It is inspiring.

    I wish you well.


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