Lake Wylie Blue Heron, A landscape watercolor painting


This is from my painting a week blog
15 by 22 SOLD  I thought I would put it up so some of you daily art collectors could see some of my larger paintings.



6 thoughts on “Lake Wylie Blue Heron, A landscape watercolor painting

  1. If I had known that this heron painting was in existance and that it was for sale and I knew where to buy it, I would have bought it immediately! How does one know where your paintings are, Shant, when one keep running into a new place? Can’t you just sort of centralize your works in two places, preferably with duplicate paintings at each one?
    Thank you,

  2. 5/11/08 i love your painting, Lake Wylie Blue. My grandfather (my mother’s father) was a very outstanding Scottish Presbyterian minister and nis name is/was (he died July 15, 1956) Wylie Blue (actually, he was Alexander Wylie Blue), but he went by just Wylie Blue. There is an interesting book about him written in 1957. Does lake Wylie blue have anything to do with him ? (It is very interesting – hope you get this and that you will reply to me.)

  3. I was very interested to read about the painting “Lake Wylie Blue Heron, A landscape watercolor painting” and the comments submitted by Ian Laughlin. I too am related to the Very Rev Dr Wylie Blue! I am of the Blue family connection residing in Northern Ireland. I have a fond memory of the great man coming to visit my home near Rostrevor around the the very early Fifties. And of course he passed on not long after that in 1956. I am presently reading that very book you mentioned. It has made me wish I had known him better although I was so very young when he died. As far as the name Wylie is concerned, I believe that that was his mother’s maiden name. Don’t know anything about the Lake Wylie Blue Heron connection though. Dr Wylie Blue was a remarkable man, a true servant of the Lord.

  4. August 22, 2008 Dear Jack Blue – I am hoping you are re-visiting this site to see if I have seen, and read, your comment and the email I posted at the Lake Wylie Blue site on May 11, 2008. I sent two emails to an email address yesterday which may be yours (one is at yahoo and one is at hotmail,) and if either of them are the correct one for you, you will probably have read it by the time you read this; however, if you haven’t received it, I still have it in my files and will forward it to you at your email address if you will send it to me. (It gives more information about our family relationship to Wylie Blue. I live in Fort Myers, Florida (U.S.A.), but was born in N. Ireland and lived in Donaghadee for 10 years.

    Sincerely yours,
    Ian Crawford gow Laughlin

  5. Hello Ian. This is lovely painting but I have a feeling it is probably a Blue Heron on a lake Wylie? It would be nice to think there might be a connection.

    Jack Blue – I am also a grandchild of Wylie Blue and I still live in County Down.

    To the artist – thank you for sharing a lovely painting.

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