High Croma Leaves

300 lb paper watercolor 8 inches by 5.5 inches. $ 25.00I’m painting some Koi on the back side… I’ll post them tomorrow. So this is a two for one…

I started this painting on some Old paper I had in my flat files and immediately noticed it didn’t seem to have any sizing, this magnified the way the colors appeared and also caused the color to sink straight into the paper, at first I thought I would just throw it out but then I figured …paint it and see if I discover something new. One never knows how some inventions or new methods are found. But I’m sure its sometimes an accident. Who knows… maybe I ‘m onto something. For better or worse, I finished the piece and it doesn’t look like anything I have ever painted but its interesting. Very Bright, yet soft some how…


2 thoughts on “High Croma Leaves

  1. There is a graceful movement in the way you painted the leaves. I like the life you put into this simple subject. I paint, too. I use oil though. Some of my recent works are posted in my wordpress web nook and flickr account. Kois are the subject for my painting “Fish of Mind.”

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  2. To me this painting is a gentle harbinger of fall followed by winter. The leaves seem to be slowly drifting down from a deciduous tree, letting the viewer know the time of year of the painting. The leaves curl just right, like real leaves do, and the contrast of the colors, even on the same leaf, is beautiful, yet very natural. Those few still partially green leaves are perfect because there are always leaves falling that do not seem to be quite ready to go yet. The viewer can anthropomorphize and think that those leaves don’t want to be left behind.

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