Lake Wylie Snowy Egret


11 by 15 50.00 SOLD

This is a painting of a snowy egret I saw around Crowders Creek. I pumped up the color a bit because I have always like green I think more than most people. This is 11 by 15 and is for sale for $50.00 It is the special of the week and usually sells for three times this price.

I didn’t sleep for 24 hours yesterday so I’m heading off to sleep now. Cio


2 thoughts on “Lake Wylie Snowy Egret

  1. My bedroom is decorated in paintings of snowy egrets with a great blue heron bedspread. Naturally, I bought this gorgeous painting the minute I saw it, especially since my favorite color is green, plus my bedroom has a lot of shades of green in it! This is a gorgeous work!

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