Blue Serenity Falls

serenty falls $15.00 +1.00 S&H

This little painting is 2.5 by 4.5, it is painted with gesso and watercolor. on the back is a small dragon fly. I spend most of last night in the emergency room so I’m pretty glad I had several paintings completed and set aside for these kinda days. Art had a mild tachacardia at 2:00 am and the Dr at the Hospital wanted him to stay for a few days for more tests and observation… but after eight weeks in the Hospital he asked to go home and he will go for a follow up visits.


2 thoughts on “Blue Serenity Falls

  1. Good for him for going home! Personally, I think that it’s better for him. Stress makes tachycardia worse and I think that he’s undoubtedly much less stressed and much more relaxed in his own home!

  2. Blood flows through our bodies like the water down this waterfall, only instead of the fall doing it, our heart does it for us. I think that this painting could easily symbolize the innate strength of Art’s heart and its ability to do its job.

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