Abstract by Shanti Marie

ancient ritual30 finished SOLD
This is 5 by 7 $ 25.00 plus 1.00 s&h
This painting is from my ancient ritual series which is exploring the way we mark time thru events of ritual in our lives. This is acrylic.


One thought on “Abstract by Shanti Marie

  1. This painting symbolizes to me the way that we humans band together in groups for mutual support in a stark world in which the individual is unimportant. The two groups of people show how humanity doesn’t cling together as a whole against threat or loneliness or the universe or whatever, as symbolized by the seemingly endless sea on the one side and the barren land on the other, but that we are drawn to others who are like ourselves in some way. It looks like it would be very easy for the two groups to join, yet they choose to stay apart, thereby weakening each group, rather than supporting each other.

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