Blue water Koi…. ACEO

 blue water Koi ACEO $14.00 or take your chances and see it on ebay in a day or two. 2.5 by 3.5

I went to a Koi show today and watched the koi. They are rather comical. The way they swim and try to interact with you. Even if they are just trying to get you to feed them it is endearing when they come right up to you and look you square in the eyes.

I love the way their fins push the water back and forth. They look like ribbons of gossamer floating in water.

The bright blue tanks make even the plain fish look magical. They had all sizes too… There was a koi there that weighed at least 40 lbs.

I’m going to take my sketch book tomorrow and see if I can sketch some of the unusal markings.


One thought on “Blue water Koi…. ACEO

  1. P.S. I’ll buy Blue Water Koi. I think that she’s female, sweet, young, and shy. I think that she has a crush on Big Joe, but I haven’t decided yet if he’s interested in her. He might be waiting for her to grow up some or he might think that he’s too rough and tough for a little, shy, beautiful koi like her. He doesn’t realize how handsome he is!

    Please tell me how to buy paintings here. I’m admittedly terribly ignorant about blogs! I know that Blue Water Koi is for sale, but I don’t know about Big Joe! How can I tell about these things? Are you keeping Big Joe for yourself or for a gallery showing or e-Bay or something like that?

    The idea of breaking them up is breaking my heart! Am I getting to you? I hope so because I love to anthropomorphize!
    Please help me to understand how to navigate your blog!!!

    Thank you!

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