Angels are among us

angels.jpgWatercolor on gessoed Mat board. 5 by 5 $45.0 + 5.5 shipping.  SOLD

“Angels are among us” is a painting from an my old series. I did a series a while back about Angels and sometimes every now and then I will paint another.

Koi Hide and Seek ACEO

koi-hide-and-seek.jpg $13.00 + 1.5 watercolor on paper 2.5 by 3.5

Today was one of those days…. I was so very busy and as luck would have it I also needed to get paintings packaged for shipment. This is a good thing but it’s time consuming, and the record keeping can be tedious. Being an artist is a business too and you have to have records for all your pieces …like where they’re stored or their location in galleries, flat files or in customer’s homes. You have to update these records and sometimes I have to go into town to pick up paintings that sold on the Internet that may be in a gallery. This can be sticky but I usually just substitute one painting for another.
In a perfect world I try to have one day a week to do prep work and organize things but lately, things have been hectic and I’ve let my organization slip a bit.

This little ACEO is one of the paintings I did a couple of days ago when I painted my Koi six pack.

Of course I painted today but I worked on a larger painting and will continue to work on it this week for an upcoming show. All artists have days where they have to do organizational chores or prep work. My studio was in a shambles, piles of mats sitting on top of art books, next to packing materials and a mountains of paintings waiting to be stored. On top of all this my cat was sleeping right in the middle of it all. Leave it to a cat to find a little hidey hole to sleep in in a huge mess.

My husband say I need an intern, like on Seinfeld when Kramer had that intern do his laundry and make appointments for his BS company Kramerica. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just do the art and someone else could do the prep work, and the packaging, and of course clean up the mess afterwards.

“Splashing Koi” ACEO on masonite

splashing-koi.jpg This is a bit out of focus, you can see it better in the middle of the grouping picture. $20.00 1.50 S & H  SOLD


I woke up at 4 am this morning to finish most of these. Some are painted on Watercolor paper some are on Masonite with Gesso…which tends to make them look like an oil painting or possibly an acrylic. All are standard ACEO size 2.5 by 3.5 I painted them this way ( all at once) so I could have some sort of continuity. Although I have to admit this is very difficult for me and I rather not try to paint them too much alike and allow each little painting to dictate what comes next.   I ‘ve had several requests to have them look similar so they can be used in groupings, So…this is my determination: to try to get some painted in the same colors or color family so they coordinate with each other.  We’ll see how I do, I hate to say it, but, I have difficulty in following instructions when it comes to my paintings. I’m too used to painting intuitively and can’t seem to remember to follow a plan too well.

The ACEOs on Masonite are a bit more expensive but they can be framed like an Oil or placed on an easel without fear of damage.

The big and the small “Tree frog”


ACEO = sold larger painting is for sale for $50.00 Sold 11/27
This is the special of the week.

I think this is a great photo to show the difference in size from an aceo and the larger 11 by 15  Since this photo was taken I decided to give the BIG tree frog red eyes.  if you would like to see a picture of it email me.