Koi 55 (A new palette)

Koi4 12 by 8.5 $50.00

This painting can be hung either this way or it can be hung landscape (the other way). It looks good either way. I changed my palette, this is more brown and green and I like it for a change.

My brother was trying to help me name this painting but neither of us could come up with anything we really liked. Comments welcome

Update about my husband: He stopped taking one of his pain meds
(vicodin). He continues to take his morophine yet he is so much more awake, we even went out to lunch.
other art news…
I also dropped off “solitude” and “waiting” for an art show at the art league, the city is having a grand opening for our new light rail which goes right by our gallery. The theme is City life… I figured these two-paintings best fit the theme. You can put their names in the search at the right and you can see these paintings.


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