“Common ground” A landscape painting a day

common ground

This 8.25 by 9.50 acrylic painting on Illustration board was painted several times. I kept painting and repainting this painting…..changing the lighting, intensity,and trying out various color combinations. This is the problem with acrylics, the possibilities are limitless and you must discipline yourself not to be too flexible. You decide on where the light is coming from and the palette and stay with it for the most part. You can waste a lot of paint, painting over color choices you haphazardly tried out on a whim. Needless to say I will have to adjust the highlight on the tree trunks to correspond with the shadow. I originally had the shadow on the other side and made a switch at the last minute.

I do like a change every now and then and may paint with acrylics for a while. You can tell me what you think…


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