Abstract # 90 watercolor on paper

abstract 090 $40.00
An Abstract painting (4 by 6 inch Postcard size) of watercolor on paper. This little gem has a companion piece which I will put up soon. I like to paint two paintings at a time because it helps watercolorists to work this way and avoid overworking the paint.

I love this combination of warm colors with the cool colors.

If you like to name paintings, I would like suggestions for these abstacts.

Collage/ Mixed media hand made paper and watercolor on paper


This is 4 inches by 4 inches $50.00 and it has a companion piece, which I’ll put up tomorrow. I made this paper by painting watereddown acrylic over art tissue paper, letting it dry and then putting it in the blender with water till it turns into a slurry. I tore it and painted it onto 100 % rag watercolor paper. Then stained it with watercolor and finally, I covered it with gloss medium for the shine.

Koi 55 (A new palette)

Koi4 12 by 8.5 $50.00

This painting can be hung either this way or it can be hung landscape (the other way). It looks good either way. I changed my palette, this is more brown and green and I like it for a change.

My brother was trying to help me name this painting but neither of us could come up with anything we really liked. Comments welcome

Update about my husband: He stopped taking one of his pain meds
(vicodin). He continues to take his morophine yet he is so much more awake, we even went out to lunch.
other art news…
I also dropped off “solitude” and “waiting” for an art show at the art league, the city is having a grand opening for our new light rail which goes right by our gallery. The theme is City life… I figured these two-paintings best fit the theme. You can put their names in the search at the right and you can see these paintings.

Nude drawing of Michelle “graphite on paper”


This is the five minute warm up drawing of Michelle our model for this Saturday. I have drawn her before and she is very good with coming up with the poses.
laying down graphite on paper 9 by 11
$25.00 for both.

This is a twenty minute pose. I cropped off the feet because I didn’t line up the sketch book sure with the camera lens. I wanted to show you at least one close up and one shot as you would see it as if you were looking thru the book.

This was the first time in four months that I have drawn from life, I enjoyed it after being out of it for so long.

ACEO “shadows” figures in watercolor


2.5 by 3.5 $13.00 Plus 1.5 s&h

I painted this and a few more to sharpen my skills. I like to paint these little figures of people. They are very expressive without the detail.

I’m going to the Queen’s University show tonight as I’m putting on a show for the guild of Charlotte artists and everyone is waiting to hear who the winners will be. I think we had a great turn out and I hope everyone will be happy with the results.

“wip” this is a work in progress

round eye koi

Here you can see I drew the fish in, I don’t always do this but since there was going to be so many fish on such a small piece of paper I thought I should make sure the spacinging was good. this is 11 by 15 and I’m trying some new colors for my water. I lean towards the brighter colors but this muted green and burn’t sienna should be very nice. I’m going to put some sepia in there to to punch up the values. I dropped my brush near the koi in the center’s mouth, I’ll go in and fix that later.

“Little one” A Koi ACEO original watercolor

Koi little one

Here is how you paint this
1. You put on the background all at once. Mix up your colors get a brush for each color if you don’t paint fast. I use flats but you can use whatever you think fits your hand. I painted this with a 1/2 inch flat but if this seems big you can use 1/4 or if you like round brushes…a number 6
Without drawing the fish just start laying down the color in a pattern that seems the way water moves. The dark colors against the light colors, warm colors against the cool colors…back and forth. Do not paint he area where the fish will be. Leave this area for last. Also: don’t let the paint dry. Before it starts to dry, paint the fish negatively. This means paint the background around the fish. Now let this dry. Come back and paint the fish once the background has dried and in one or two spots you might soften an edge or two. After the fish and the background are dry take a good look at it and determine if any part of the background seems muddy or messy. Glaze over this area with one of the transparent colors you have chosen and this should help that part of the painting. If it is too light you can put on another layer of color and deepen the color until it is the value you want. Try doing a small Koi first, like this ACEO and then do larger pieces. Good luck!

Little Island a paintng a day

Dog Island

8 by 11 50.0

I ‘ve painted this painted about four times. The other day a friend came over and after seeing one of my painted versions wanted to see this island for herself. That painting was heading out the door to a customer. So off we go hiking and we went there. Of course the water is very low these days and everything looks the same but with less water… but I have to admit it’s still as beautiful as ever. So here is yet another version of this little island. I don’t know the real name of it but you can name it want-ever you like. This version is still wet so the trees in the back will not be so dark and hard edge when it dries. If you would like a lesson for this painting let me know and I’ll post one for you.

Fall Trees, a painting a day… ACEO

fall treesSOLD

This small card is 2.5 by 3.5 It is my painting a day for today.

Because of the drought we haven’t had the usual spectacular fall foliage. All the trees are turning brown, and very few are the beautiful red, orange and bright yellow. Fall has always been one of my favorite times because of the wonderful color combinations. This year it appears we won’t be having those beautiful fall colors. Its a bit sad, but I think this little card will brighten up anyone’s day.

“Koi Circle” Original watercolor ACEO “a painting a day”

Koi circleing

This 2.5 by 3.5 card is for sale for 14.00 plus 1.5 shipping and handling.

I hung a show today for the Guild of Charlotte artists and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the local great art. There seemed to be a good turnout of all mediums except one…. There were oils, watercolor, pastel and photography. Most of it was realistic work but some abstract or semi abstract work which I also like to see.

It was rather sad that the drawing award could not be given out. No one entered a single drawing. No graphite, colored pencil, charcoal, or conte crayon. This seems to be the case, folks who draw don’t enter the shows as much as painters. Probably because they don’t think their work will hold up to the more colorful paintings. I would like to remind you, if you draw, there are lots of shows where you can display your work and possibly win a cash award. consider entering a show, even if you don’t like the idea of competicion its a great way to meet the artists in your community, and the networking is very beneficial to all.

“WAITING” a mixed media on illustration board … figures


6″ by 6″  $70.00

Have you ever been in the city and you come out of a restaurant or a theater and its raining? The reflective color bouncing off the street, lights and signs is incredible. It will almost blind you or mesmerize you.

“Koi Trio” A watercolor ACEO

Koi trio2

2.5 by 3.5″ artist trading card $14.00 plus $1.5 shippping and handling

I was pretty busy today paying bills, getting a ceiling repaired, meeting the exterminator, cleaning up my studio and doing errands. At the end of the day, I tried to get an abstract painted but got stuck and had to set it aside. Sometimes you have to sleep on things. I”ll try to put up the abstract tomorrow.

“Two Cherries” ACEO original on watercolor paper

two cherries1

2.5 “by 3.5” $14.00 plus 1.5 shipping and handling

This is still a bit wet and will look slightly lighter in person. I was in a rush to get this little guy on line before it got dark. The days are getting shorter. wow where did the year go? Now I have to get my daily painting done before 5 pm or it may be a little late to get some good light. I take these paintings outside to photograph on my back deck. I clip them to a clip board at my height and shoot them using a Fuji fine pix 6.5 digital camera. Most of the time I can get a good picture without having to adjust them in phtoshop.